Produced by Menagerie Theatre Company, supported by Cambridge Junction, this year’s Hotbed explores Experiments in New Writing. 

From immersive intimate theatre as if it were in your living room (You, Me and the Spanish Civil War) to writing with a political and social urgency (The Play About Calais), through to the extraordinary tale of an 18th century French transvestite (Chevailer d’Eon), these creative exchanges and unique experiments are just some of the amazing plays at Hotbed 2016.

Hotbed features plays and productions at various stages of evolution: from idea development, first-time readings, workshops and scratch performances, to fully fledged productions. As always, we are excited and proud to be curating and supporting work by established writers and companies alongside emerging, young and first-time writers.


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Thanks to the generous support of: The Garrick Club Charitable Trust and the Thistle Foundation.