Hotbed 4 Weeks Away!

With Hotbed weekend now just 4 weeks away, we are full steam ahead on all fronts - the final drafts of the Young Writers’ pieces are coming in, auditions for the actors are set for next week, the call is out for the young persons’ One-Page Plays, the community project is really taking shape, the brochure is about to be published, Steve Waters is visiting the ‘jungle’ in Calais, Ed Harris’ What’s Up Doc? commission is ready, and...Cambridge Foodcycle have just confirmed that they will be providing the food over the weekend!  

I’m particularly excited about the Young Writers’ pieces, as I’ve been working with the group since January and they have all put an enormous amount of time, thought and soul into their plays.  We’re producing two of them: ‘Flog’ by Josie Dale-Jones, and ‘The Summer Before Everything’ by Bohdan Tokarsky and Maria Montague.   Both are a brave new step for their respective writers and we’re looking forward to putting them on stage before some eager audiences.  

Patrick Morris I Associate Artistic Director