A Blog About Flog

Another performance I’ve seen at Hotbed today is Flog – a darkly comic piece by Josie Dale Jones (who has been creating it as part of the Menagerie Young Writer's Scheme) dealing with a certain brand of Silicon Valley techno-idealism that is beginning to gain sway in the world – the idea that technology can enhance our bodies and minds, make us immortal, make us happier, augment our brains etc. The piece explores the ludicrous and more than slightly sinister element of this idea through the lens of capitalist idea-mongering that we see all the time in the world around us, revealing unpleasant truths about the characters, ourselves and the human isolationist concept of making our own existences bespoke and effort free, without any need for thinking and how dangerous and, frankly, undesirable this can be!

Joe Waters I Menagerie Volunteer