Croissants, Worms and Chevalier d'Eon!

There’s nothing better than getting to the office early and being greeted by your boss with croissants! I guess the early bird really does get the worm, and when I say ‘worm’, I mean super tasty croissant, yum!

Apart from being Menagerie’s wizard of social media, I have also (as of last Monday afternoon) been cast for a role in a new play ‘Chevalier d’Eon’ by award-winning, laptop-eating (there’s photographic evidence on our Facebook page!) playwright, Ed Harris. I’ve been in rehearsals this week and it’s been an awesome experience, as a fresh faced university graduate, it is amazing to be a part of one of the things that makes Cambridge truly great - it’s theatre scene. I’ve had the great pleasure of shadowing the Hotbed Festival’s Producer Mhari; she is truly dedicated to the festival, loves pranking Patrick and Paul and is an awesome mentor! 

As an Intern, my role is varied and I am involved in each corner of the festival; it's hard work but it’s more than rewarding. Well that’s enough from me, talk soon folks!

Jo Kinsella ¦ Producing inter