Things are all Go...

We are all excited here at Menagerie but also a little bit scared that Hotbed is only a week away! Yes, ONLY A WEEK AWAY!    Things are all go and everyone is firing on all cylinders.  Katrina, our wonderful assistant from Latvia, is wondering what has hit her, as her list of jobs keeps growing hourly: plan the decoration of the foyer, take notes in rehearsals, gather biogs for the actors, help Mhari with the marketing...the list goes on.  Jo, our producing intern, is a real marketing force and is powering the social media machine on a daily basis. He is doing a rather grand job, so keep going Jo!  And Bryony, our ASM, is a real find as she said she was 'enjoying' getting the set ready.  With a large number of pallets that need moving, sanding and fire proofing, she is revealing herself to be quite a find, as it is a job that not many people would approach with such enthusiasm - it is really hard work!  

As usual, Patrick and Paul are running between rehearsals and all that needs to be done in the office - thinking about that, will someone get them a cup of tea, pleeeeease!

My job is to let everyone know what a wonderful programme we have, and we really do have something to shout about this year. It is varied, interesting, original, topical.  Have a look at the link below about Chris Dobrowolski's show.  He was in Antarctica as an artist in residence, and if you, like me, are intrigued about what he saw, felt and did there, don't miss our opening Hotbed show ANTARCTICA on Thursday 7 July at 6.30pm.

See you at the Festival!

Mhari Gallagher I Producer