Volunteering and Plays!

Only three or so hours into volunteering at the Hotbed Festival, in between various trips to Sainsbury’s to fetch sweets and various pastry related items to put out in the foyer, I have already seen two interesting, thought-provoking and , when they wanted to be, humorous pieces of new writing.

The first was You, Me and The Spanish Civil War, a monologue by Marina Pallares-Elias telling the true story of her father who was leader of the Spanish communist party in the early 70s. His story reflects the wider political events that were occurring at that time, in Spain, during the final days of Franco’s rule, shedding light on an area of history that is relatively unknown to most of the world. Like many significant historical events, while a lot has been written about the Spanish Civil War, relatively little has dealt with the 40 years of Fascist dictatorship that followed and the tensions that still exist today (a reason that, while this piece has been making its way round various living rooms in Cambridge, it has not yet been performed in Spain). The piece itself served to highlight the personal stories within this period which still remain relatively untold and, hopefully, now, through the ongoing development and dissemination of this performance, will gain a new audience, one it certainly deserves.

Joe Waters I Menagerie Volunteer